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November 22, 2010

Kitchen Scales for Christmas

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As we trudge on towards a second recession burdened Christmas, we’re thinking about presents, food and money. What better present to buy the home cook in your life than precise and modern kitchen scales, which are currently 50% off!

Maybe your chef at home has been into Professional Masterchef recently and voyeuristically imagining themselves cooking (with precise kitchen scales) at Nomo in Denmark, if that’s the case, then they know just ow important precision is to cook at the highest level. If, like me, you’re still working on some old-school digital scales, then you’ll be looking for an upgrade. How many times have I been frustrated in my attempts of fine dining by an imprecise, medieval sack of scales in the corner that is only really accurate to about 50 grams? I personally long for some digital kitchen scales so I can measure out a slick sliver of butter weighing in at a featherweight 5 grams.

As we trudge towards a tight Christmas, what better time to be more careful with the fine ingredients that turn a mediocre Christmas dinner into a high-class feast, and we all need a little bit of luxury in our lives as a long, bleak January awaits.

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