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August 16, 2010

“Money Counters” – a description

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Recently, we’ve added top of the range “money counters” to our product range. Digital scales 2U is concerned with efficiency and since its inception we’ve been helping customers to weigh more accurately with the keenly priced digital scales stock, and now we can help customers who have previously laboured over money counting with fantastic “money counters”, which are the best value for money on the net.

Our “money counters” counts all types of banknotes, and detects forgeries with advanced forgery detection systems. Counting speeds vary between 600-1800 notes per minute – or in other words, as quick as you want. Other features most of our “money counters” have include batch counting – for example counting 1000 x £10 notes for easy banking.

Machines can be configured to automatically check notes as it counts them by using UV Reflection and Magnetic Ink analysis. Machines will sound an alarm if a forgery is detected.

The amount of time and money that can be saved with digital “money counters” means our “money counters” don’t cost, but save you money. Have a look at some of our “money counters” now.


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