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August 25, 2010

“Kitchen scales” – get some if you’re into cooking

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If you’re into cooking, maybe you’ve been watching the ‘Great British Bake Off’ and ‘Celebrity Masterchef’ recently. The tension in the kitchen has been intense as contenders have been putting their hearts on a plate to be tasted and torn apart. You’ll have noticed in these programmes that ingredients and precision are everything. Only use the very best ingredients and when you do, make sure that you’re very careful with them. The only way to take care, is to weigh very carefully, which is where a great set of “kitchen scales” come in. With digital precision and a decent maximum load you can get some “kitchen scales” that will satisfy the very best master baker.
All you need to do is decide what kind of cook you are. Do you cook in very large batches, in which case you’ll need some “kitchen scales” with a large maximum load, or are you a cook that is detailed and precise and require the most specific of accuracies for your cordon bleu cookery?
Whatever your needs, check out our “kitchen scales”, we have a wide range from the most accurate to the biggest bench scales with a high maximum load to suit any cook’s needs.

August 23, 2010

[Ohaus] Corporation

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[Ohaus] makes scales and balances education, scientific industrial purposes around the world. Their HQ is in the USA although [Ohaus] has a presence on countries all over the world too.

[Ohaus] began life as a small family run business in 1912 when it created the [Ohaus] Harvard Trip® Balance. This became the standard in mechanical balances. Not long after they produced grain testing equipment and started to patent their products.

After the second world war, the demand for laboratory equipment increased and [ohaus] opened a factory in 1941.

During the 1950s and 1960s they pioneered the Cent-O-Gram® and the first Dial-O-Gram® scales. In 1968, [Ohaus] created scales for schools, which were unique in their simplicity and accuracy.

August 20, 2010

Make great cakes with [cooking scales]

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[cooking scales] are the only way to achieve success in the kitchen. Without [cooking scales] you run the risk of having a kitchen disaster. Baking in particular requires exact amounts to ensure a risen souffle or yorkshire puds, and with the advent of technology [cooking scales] are now incredibly precise.

Our digital scales can be used for all sorts of purposes including as [cooking scales]. We have numerous digital scales that can be used as [cooking scales] from those that are very discrete and can be easily packed away or left out on a worktop without cluttering up, to the much larger bench scale which can take a whole lot of flour, perfect for keen cooks, dinner party hosts and those with large families.

Our digital [cooking scales] come in all sorts of the styles from the sleek and modern, to the very practical. Take a look at our [cooking scales], we’re certain that you’ll be amazed by the prices.

August 16, 2010

“Money Counters” – a description

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Recently, we’ve added top of the range “money counters” to our product range. Digital scales 2U is concerned with efficiency and since its inception we’ve been helping customers to weigh more accurately with the keenly priced digital scales stock, and now we can help customers who have previously laboured over money counting with fantastic “money counters”, which are the best value for money on the net.

Our “money counters” counts all types of banknotes, and detects forgeries with advanced forgery detection systems. Counting speeds vary between 600-1800 notes per minute – or in other words, as quick as you want. Other features most of our “money counters” have include batch counting – for example counting 1000 x £10 notes for easy banking.

Machines can be configured to automatically check notes as it counts them by using UV Reflection and Magnetic Ink analysis. Machines will sound an alarm if a forgery is detected.

The amount of time and money that can be saved with digital “money counters” means our “money counters” don’t cost, but save you money. Have a look at some of our “money counters” now.