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February 24, 2010

[mini digital scales], the next big little thing

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Scales have been around for centuries and digital scales for decades. Over the course of time, our preference for many things, electronics included, has gained in size in terms of amount but reduced in size in terms of the object itself.  What is desirable in terms of a woman’s figure has reduced from the voluptuous and round rubenesque to the slender and slim waif-like. We like our televisions slender, and our gadgets wee. Digital scales has followed suit, and is committed to supplying the digital scales that people want, and that are on-trend, so we’ve boosted our range of [mini digital scales].

[mini digital scales] can be so mini these days they’re pocket-sized [mini digital scales]. [mini digital scales] can be so wee that they’re actually key ring sized [mini digital scales]. and being key ring sized [mini digital scales] they’re useful and practical too. so we’re into substance as well as style.

Occupying such a small amount of space and still being entirely practical – did we tell you that even the smallest [mini digital scales] come with an expansion tray so they can still fulfill the purpose they were designed for (to weigh stuff)? – makes [mini digital scales] the next big little thing.

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