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January 27, 2010

[electric scales] explained …

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[electric scales]

What are [electric scales] and are they the same as electronic scales? [electric scales]
and electronic scales are terms used to refer tot he same thing but actually there is a subtle difference between electronics and electrical activity.

Electricity has been conscientiously investigated since the 1600s and learnings over these last centuries has directed and continues to direct electrical engineering practices and study today. Electrical engineering can also be known as electronic engineering and deals with the theoretical and practical study of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.

However, there is a difference between electrical and electronic items, systems and study. Electrical engineering focuses on large-scale electrical systems, such as power transmission or motor control. Electronic engineering is concerned with small-scale electronic systems like computers and scales. Another way to look at it is that electrical engineering is interested in using electricity to transmit energy and electronic engineering uses electricity to send data.

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[electric scales] scales are obviously a small scale system and would fall under electronics.

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