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December 22, 2009

digital pocket scales

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digital pocket scales

Digital pocket scales are a great little invention. Digital pocket scales can be cute and handy or a futuristic gadget. Digital pocket scales can be so small sometimes they can be keyring digital scales. These make great christmas stocking presents. Digital pocket scales let you weigh out matter on the move. If you buy digital pocket scales, make sure they come with an expansion lid, so that you can weigh out a decent amount of ‘stuff’. Not long ago, the book ‘Small is beautiful’ came out and digital pocket scales are just another product which confirms our love for the small. Before you buy digital pocket scales, just think about what you want your digital pocket scales to do and whether you need 0.1g accuracy or 0.01g accuracy. Here are some 0.1g accuracy scales which weigh up to 500g.

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