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November 27, 2009

What do [post office scales] need to do?

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All post offices need [post office scales]. After all, post and its related costs are measured in weight.

A small letter will cost less to send than a large parcel because the weight and size of items has a bearing on transport costs. The larger the items posted, the larger the transport, and amount of fuel, needed.

To measure the weight of post and parcels, a post office needs [post office scales]. However, a post office doesn’t just need [post office scales] for customers’ post. A post office also needs [post office scales] for the business side of its operation, for counting its own takings for example. Although, if it is has a travel agent arm to its business then they would need their [post office scales] to be able to count money before handing over currency to customers. Similarly, businesses bring post offices pennies and small money to change into notes. A post office needs a quick way of adding this up and [post office scales]┬ácan help to do this. Good [post office scales] will weigh stamps too. In fact most [post office scales] will weigh any item in bulk, you just simply need to set the weight for the item required.


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