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November 1, 2009

The rise of the “digital scale”

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The rise of the “digital scale”
We are constantly amazing ourselves with the leaps and bounds made in technology and science. In the last century especially we have created a truly modern world where many of the world’s population have access to clean water and medicine. We have entered space and created new forms of communication at speeds and proximities never imagined and its common for mothers, father, grandmothers and grandfathers to be scared at the fast-moving pace of the generation(s) in front of it.

This unstoppable monster extends to the world of electronics and because weight has been an important way of categorising the world and making sense of things, the archaic scale has been replaced with a “digital scale”. The benefits of using a “digital scale” is almost endless. All of us prefer (most) tasks to take as little time as possible and certainly all work-related tasks such as counting money or weighing amounts of ingredients for recipes. And all of us want things to be right. With a “digital scale” both speed and accuracy can be achieved.

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