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November 1, 2009

Micro chips and [pocket scales]

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Micro chips and [pocket scales]

The advent of technology gave birth to many new modern conveniences that we now couldn’t live without. It also gave birth to new habits, preferences and fashions, even if these fashions do have their roots in practical purpose.

Digital scales are one of these devices. It was a natural progression to update the balance weighing scale to ensure precision because weight is such an important way of ordering the world. Whilst technological advancement was going crazy, so did our enthusiasm for our ability to be able to make things smaller and smaller. As soon as the micro chip was invented by Robert Noyce, who also had an egalitarian way of organising companies, we started to enjoy all sorts of dinky devices. And in the world of the digital scale, the birth of [pocket scales] occurred.

And [pocket scales] are great. They are nifty and occasionally tiny little devices that come with weighing platforms so that the amount you can weigh isn’t compromised. You can get keyring [pocket scales], Tanita [pocket scales], [pocket scales] that weigh in 0.01g increments and [pocket scales] that come in all sorts of colours and sizes. Here at Digital Scales 2 U, we are big fans of [pocket scales] in all of their many guises.

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