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November 1, 2009

“Electronic Scales”

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“Electronic Scales”
Robert Noyce invented the micro chip and this invention changed the face of electronics forever. Being able to make things on a far smaller scale, as well as create devices to create these small devices at a much faster rate has led to the technologically advanced consumer culture we live in today.

Electronics relates to a whole host of industries but what we’re interested in is weight, which is also relevant to a number of industries including the medical industry, building and construction, banking, jewellery and many, many more.

Having brought the world of weighing and weight up out of the dark ages, all of these industries have enjoyed the ability to becomes quicker in this respect and save money at the same time. In some cases, it also helps to make jobs safer to do. An example of this is “electronic scales” in the building and construction industry.
Pallet trucks need to transport very heavy material. This comes with risk but because each pallet truck has a maximum capacity it can carry, which can be measured electronically, this risk is overturned. This is why “electronic scales” are of upmost importance. With some “electronic scales” a maximum capacity can be set and the “electronic scale” will buzz when that weight is reached.

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