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September 29, 2009

[Tanita] Scales

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[Tanita] is a well respected brand, which has been making scales for over one hundred years. Customers’ demand for [Tanita] products has grown over the years and the [Tanita] product line has flourished alongside. Relatively recently [Tanita] broke into the pocket digital scales market and now [Tanital] pocket scales, which weigh mass in increments of 1g, 0.1g and 0.01g, making them precise, are widely available. These are perfect for weighing smaller items.

Before this [Tanita] was well known mainly for its products in the health and well beingĀ  market. In fact, one of their spokespeople is Sharon Davies – a previous British swimming Olympic champion – and she claims to use [Tanita] body fat monitor to help her stay in shape. This [Tanita] product measures fat specifically, rather than weight. Muscle is very heavy and often people mistake weight for fat, so it is good to be able to identify one from the other.

[Tanita] pocket scales have taken off, and we stock a range here to meet customers’ demand. This is an example of a [Tanita] pocket scale that we stock.–WORLDS-BEST-SELLING-ELECTRONIC-SCALE—-NEW-TANITA-1479V–PTAN120BLK–p381.html

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