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March 23, 2009

Pocket Scale

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Pocket Scale

When to recalibrate a Pocket Scale

People often ask us about when to recalibrate a pocket scale, so we thought we’d write a quick article on it.

If a pocket scale ever reads ‘LLL’ or ‘EEE’ it suggests that the weighing mechanism has been damaged, likely from the pocket scale being dropped.  This could be critical but it worth trying to recalibrate it by following the instructions.

If the screen reads ‘888’ it suggests that the batteries are close to running out. Alternatively, that the pocket scale is having trouble defining what ‘0’ is. If you replace the batteries and the problem persists, you will need to send your pocket scale in for repair if they are still under guarantee.

‘UNST’ means that the machine is on an uneven surface. If you are sure that this is not the problem, then it indicates that the pocket scale has load cell damage. If this is the case, please try recalibrating the pocket scale. If this produces no positive outcome then you will need to consult your warranty guidelines.

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