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March 9, 2009

floor scales

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Floor scales are almost built directly into the floor or ground below. Floor scales are large flat scales with some sort of display either attached to a nearby wall or mounted on a stand.

Floor scales are used quite often in the business world of today. They are commonly use in the shipping industry, but are also often used in fields that rely on shipping and receiving as part of their every day business. You can imagine how this would be a handy tool to certain businesses.

Floor scales are used rather often and for obvious reasons. These scales can be used to measure the weight of truly huge things, like furniture, shipment pallets and anything else that is just too big for a traditional scale. A floor scale is a valuable tool for many businesses today.

These scales don’t measure things like cars or trucks; you need larger capacity shipping scales than even floor scales can handle. Of course, chances are no one is going to ship a car or a truck, not very often any way.

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